Teacher Tech Institute


What is the TTI

Our Teacher Tech Institute exists for one reason - to help teachers and school leaders to embed new technology into learning.

21st Century Learning

Certainly, education is undergoing one of the biggest shifts in memorable history!

Globally the internet and web based platforms for learning have erupted and rapidly shifted

education into an exciting phase more commonly referred to as 21st Century Learning. The use of new technologies in learning has exploded and everybody is jumping on the  21st Century Learning Bandwagon.

Teach how they learn

 One of the things we often tell educators is that if children are struggling the way you teach then try to teach the way they actually learn. For today’s learners the use of technology is a part of their everyday life experience. They live high tech lives at home for entertainment, sharing, socializing, and even shopping. However, once they enter the school gate their engagement with technology dwindles and in some cases is completely abandoned by teachers who are stuck trying to deliver a test centered curriculum. Even in an exam driven, results centered environment new technologies should be used to aid the learning process. Simply because they are engaging and  allow children to learn in an environment that they are native to.

Our Global Team Specialises In Providing :

  • Staff training for embedding technology into learning
  • Transdisciplinary curriculum development using technology
  • iPad 1:1 deployment
  • Embedding new technologies to aid children with additional educational needs
  • Inquiry Based Learning
  • Whole School ICT assessments using the SMAR Model
  • Google Apps for Education - implementation & training
  • Network management & development​

Globalisation has forced educators and learning engineers to change their pedagogy and  embed new technology into the learning experience so that our children are able to communicate , learn and share with other learners from around the world. 

Whether you are a school leader who wants to organise staff training or a teacher who needs some help embedding technology -  we are here to help.

Please contact us.

email: info@great4learning.com

phone     : +441 7070887