So much of the information we receive via the news and media about Africa is negative and sometimes unfunded. While Africa does has lots of issues, historically it was a very rich and was a massive part of the early development of our world that we live in and enjoy today. 


 Great 4 learning has decided that we want to be a part of the revitalisation of The African Continent and will play a role in helping to develop and educate its children and those who have the noble responsibility of providing learning opportunities for all African Children
Part of Great 4 learning’s mission is to help bring NGOs, public and private schools up to speed with global trends and improvements in the use of new technologies for learning and teaching.


 The vision of STEM Africa is to deliver STEM Learning Academies that are focused on robotics, Coding, Digital Creating & Making, Electronics, Computer Aided Design , and Computer Science to children and their teachers across the African Continent.