Bermuda STEM/Robotics Maker Academies

Our Commitment to Bermuda's Children

 The founder of Great4Learning is Bermudian; therefore, we have ties that are deeply rooted in the island which makes the children and teachers of Bermuda very special to us. While we are focused on developing the use of technology to enhance learning globally, we remain passionately committed to Bermuda.
The Bermuda STEM/Robotic Maker Academies will consistently bring cutting edge learning experiences to Bermuda’s children so that they develop the vital 21st Century skills that the world will require future employees to have.
We have created a very special curriculum just for Bermuda’s children and will work to train as many teachers as possible to give them the tools necessary to plan and embed STEM Learning across all learning curricula at all year levels.
We are committed to holding events in Bermuda every year. Children who attend our Bermuda STEM/Robotic Maker Academies will develop collaboration and teamwork skills engage their higher level, critical thinking skills; begin their journey to become digital experts of the future; satisfy their curiosity; expose their ingenuity and plant the seeds of entrepreneurship. Our aim is to give Bermuda’s children an inside advantage on children globally.
Our Academies will engage children with :

  • Cool Science Experiments
  • Fun Engineering Activities
  • 3D Design & Printing
  • Robotics 
  • Arduino micro-controllers and sensors
  • Website development
  • Creating Computer Games
  • Public Speaking and Presenting
  • Application of Math and Physics