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 Gomoa Fetteh, Ghana

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 At "Great4Learning" we specialize in helping teachers, students, school leaders and parents embed the mature use of technology into learning & teaching 

Hamilton, Bermuda

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From June 2nd to 8th wead a very successful Summer 2018 STEM Maker Academy with 28 children.

It was great to work with ten children from Maths for fun  and 18 from the private school sector mostly girls from BHS.


The Press Box

Great4Learning Team Up with The ASCENDANT Group

Our next event is a two week Academy  from July 16th to 27th hosted by the Ascendent Group . 

We  are humbled to have been asked to run their annual STEM Camp . It is the first time that the public school sector children have had the opportunity to work in an advance STEM/ Maker event.

They will take part in an action packed curriculum that features, coding, building and programming robots, a host of engineering challenges, science experiments, learning about circuits Arduinos, and opportunities to collaborate with other children. IT'S GONNA  BE OFF THE CHAIN!


The Press box

Great4Learning joins forces with BHS

We are excited to announce that  we have linked up and created a partnership with The BERMUDA HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS to host all of our events and to help develop STEAM  and Inquiry Based Learning. It is our vision that we will use our facilities and expertise to create working partnerships with the public school fraternity. This will  create fantastic learning opportunities for Bermuda's private and public school children. 

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